Growth. Strength. Security.

These are just a few of the long-term investment goals when managing money and portfolio performance for your clients. So why not diversify your resources to achieve them—by adding the knowledge and resources of an experienced investment advisory firm?

Sheaff Brock Institutional Group is a team of experienced investment managers that partners with a growing list of RIAs, financial intermediaries, and high net-worth investors to provide money management and other strategic financial services. Utilizing their proprietary, innovative portfolio designs, Sheaff Brock's goal is to help you grow your business by taking on the responsibilities of managing the investment strategy—and leaving you to do what you do best.

Based on the unique needs of your group or your clients, the Sheaff Brock Institutional Team can partner in either an advisory or sub-advisory basis to help you achieve investment objectives and fiduciary obligations. Giving you access to all the resources and experience of the Sheaff Brock team, and freeing you up to bring in more clients, better serve them, and build a bigger, more successful business.

Sheaff Brock Institutional Group provides full money management services to Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)

We provide money management services to registered investment advisors, helping them fill potential gaps in their investment product offerings.

Sheaff Brock Institutional Group offers strategic investment options for institutional investors

The Sheaff Brock Institutional Team can offer strategic investment options to help guard your institutional assets against losses while striving to generate greater yield.

Sheaff Brock Institutional Group Financial Intermediaries 2020

Sheaff Brock Institutional Group can provide a full range of investment services to banks and other institutions that offer private wealth management services to their clients. 

Sheaff Brock Institutional Group

Indianapolis, Indiana