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In a sub-advisory capacity, the Sheaff Brock Institutional Team understands that we are serving both you and your clients. We set investment strategies and search for opportunities based on your objectives—from seeking potential risk-adjusted returns to generating alpha.

Overall, we are value-oriented, active money managers and we strive to avoid undue risk. But we also don’t shy away from volatility as an approach to get to returns. We use sophisticated research, technology, and data to quantify our decision-making, and we pride ourselves on not getting distracted by “conventional wisdom” or “current trends.” So we think our investment style is probably better described as ″contrarian conservative.″

Specifically, we work best with clients such as:

Registered Investment Advisories (RIAs)

We provide full money management services to registered investment advisors who prefer to focus on the business of investing over the science. We pride ourselves in being true partners with RIAs.

You can turn to us for the experience and an innovative product line to fill the gaps in your advisory business—and allow you to grow. Because if anyone knows how to grow, it’s Sheaff Brock.

From a product standpoint, the Sheaff Brock portfolios are niche investment strategies. These give you the opportunity to offer your clients additional strategies for income growth, especially with our Option Overlays. This means you can provide options opportunities supported by Sheaff Brock's team of experienced investment managers.

From a service standpoint, we can be as involved as you want us to be. Typically, our team provides products and services to RIAs in a wholesale capacity, working behind the scenes. But we can also provide additional support when our investment knowledge could benefit your business.

Institutional Investors/Financial Institutions

Rely on the Sheaff Brock Institutional Team to help you guard your institutional assets against losses while striving to generate greater yield. We offer strategic investment options to institutional clients including banks, corporations, foundations, pension and retirement plans, public funds, endowments, and other large portfolios.

Understanding that institutions often mandate their portfolios be managed according to certain styles or strategies, we offer a variety of strategic portfolios that are actively managed by the advisors at Sheaff Brock, including:

Sheaff Brock Institutional Group Investment Portfolios 2018

  • Preferred Stock Income

  • Covered Call Income

  • Dividend Growth & Income

  • Bulls of the Dow

  • IntelliBuilD® Growth

  • Option Overlays:

    • Index Income Overlay

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